Nigeria’s Electoral Process: Probing Nefarious Issues and Complications in the Polity

Ajiboye Babatope Matthew


For over two decades, Nigeria’s electoral process has been languishing though there have been efforts by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). But those efforts have been thwarted. The continued poor showing and outcome have been sickening and disappointing. However, with a determination and tenacity aimed at probing issues and complications that are responsible for the drawbacks in the process, this paper examines the nefarious issues and their impact on the electoral process. Qualitative approach was adopted and secondary sources were employed with inferences drawn by qualitative analysis. Imperfection in the electoral process have been the result of corruption, electoral malpractices, electoral violence, vote buying and federal might. It offered potential ways seen as drives for improving the electoral process, one of which is the practical independence of INEC as recognized by the Electoral Act, 2010. The paper concludes that the issues and complications are antithetical to Nigeria’s electoral process.

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